Once upon a time…

Founded by Luc Hoffmann in 1954, the Tour du Valat has been a non-profit private research organization since 1978. Its mission is to:

“further the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands by improving our understanding of how they function and mobilising a community of stakeholders.”

Members of the Advisory Board at the sixtieth anniversary celebration of the Tour du Valat © H. Hôte

During the past sixty years of its activities, the Tour du Valat Foundation has hosted or worked with numerous employees, trainees, private and public-sector partners, supporters, and donors, who are united by professional or friendly relations around the Tour du Valat’s meaningful actions. Many of the women and men who made the Tour du Valat have moved on to other places around the world. Some occupy key positions in organisations dedicated to nature and conservation research. Others have changed fields or stopped their professional activities, but have remained strongly attached to the Tour du Valat.

To mark the Tour du Valat’s sixtieth anniversary, we decided to start* an association that would capitalize on this amazing network of great people. It has the following objectives:


  • to unite and facilitate the network of individuals and corporate entities that share the values and philosophy of the Tour du Valat Foundation;
  • to create the conditions required for exchanging, sharing and producing knowledge, and gaining experience in the fields of the conservation, protection, expertise, promotion, and facilitation of Mediterranean wetlands, so as to support the Tour du Valat Foundation’s activities;
  • to promote in any possible way (human, logistic, financial) the Tour du Valat’s actions vis-à-vis the public, and more specifically those closely involved in wetlands, such as decision-makers, nature site managers, and NGOs.



*Founding Meeting on 1 July, 2014