In each new “Friend’s Letter”, Friends of the Tour du Valat are used to interview one of their members. Each of them must answer a series of questions about their connection to the Tour du Valat.


Find all the testimonials :

  • Erika Audry who spent a year of civic service at Tour du Valat with the Pôle-relais Lagunes méditerranéennes as an ambassador of Mediterranean lagoon.
  • Jean-Yves Pirot is the Director of the GEF program (Global Environment Facility) within the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
  • Delphine Nicolas is researcher at the Tour du Valat for the conservation biology of fish species.
  • Christian Chéné is the founder of the association Objets et Images which aims at intervening in associations and schools, for projections of videos or slideshows with debates on nature and travel.
  • Marion Vittecoq, is a researcher at Tour du Valat, studying pathogens’ dynamics at the interface between wildlife, livestock and human populations.
  • Dilara Arslanhas studied amphibians and reptiles in Gediz Delta with the support of Tour du Valat Research Center, Doğa Derneği (Turkish NGO for the conservation of biodiversity) and Ege University.
  • Vera Michalski-Hoffmann is the president of the Friends of the Tour du Valat Association since 2014
  • Mike Moser was Director of Wetlands International from 1989-99 and now he actively supports the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in SW England.
  • Frederic Thomas is CNRS research director at the Infectious Diseases and Vectors: Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Control laboratory (Mivegec).
  • Carole Leray completed a year of civic service at Tour du Valat as part of the species team in 2016.